The difference between Relay type voltage stabilizer and non-contact regulators

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Although non-contact regulators and Relay type voltage stabilizer are both currently electric up regulators, both belong to the power regulator environment. The way they work is by changing the transformer winding taps to adjust the voltage. But the Relay type voltage stabilizer and non-contact regulator nature of the difference is still very large.



Relay regulator its working principle is: the control line regulator through the closure of the relay to adjust the voltage line so that the output voltage to balance.



Non-contact regulator, it is through the GPU microcomputer control circuit to calculate the input voltage undervoltage, overvoltage, and then return to the thyristor control circuit to adjust the voltage output size calculation voltage line. To play an accurate voltage output.



Relay type CNC voltage regulator



Relay type voltage stabilizer and non-contact voltage regulator advantages and disadvantages comparison.



1.Relay type voltage stabilizer and disadvantages 



Relay type voltage stabilizer adopts the closure of the relay to adjust the output of the voltage line, due to voltage fluctuations in the relay sink range value is small, in the state of constant road movement, then the relay life will be reduced, such as the use of relay life is high, the greater the value of the voltage regulator range.




 the maintenance cost later need to replace the relay frequently.



3.the accuracy of voltage regulation is inversely proportional to the service life of the relay.



4.Advantages: cheap



Silicon controlled non-contact voltage regulator



2.Non-contact regulator advantages and disadvantages. 



The entire voltage stabilization process are made through the central processing chip GPU operation, and then through the GUP control thyristor control board to adjust the output voltage value collection. The whole process of voltage stabilization without mechanical action, no wear and tear, low failure rate, post-maintenance almost zero, use with a long life. Energy saving and power saving



2.Disadvantages: non-contact voltage regulator price relative to other regulators to be a little more expensive!


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