Solutions to common failures of low voltage transformers

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1.Abnormal sound happens

Low voltage transformer internal abnormal sound may have the following reasons: serious overload transformer internal heavy "humming" sound; due to internal poor contact or breakdown point, so that the transformer internal "creaking" or "Crackling" discharge sound; due to the transformer top cover connecting shaft bolts individual parts loose, transformer core is not clamped, resulting in silicon steel vibration, will send Ij strong noise; grid grounding or short-circuit fault, winding in the flow of a large current, will send a strong noise; transformer claw device connected to a large power equipment or can produce harmonic When the transformer is connected to large power equipment or equipment that can generate harmonic currents. Equipment operation may cause the transformer to make a "wah wah" noise Transformer occurring coarse and fine noise; transformer's original side of the voltage is too high, the current will be too large sound; due to overvoltage, winding or lead line discharge to the shell, or core grounding line disconnected, resulting in core discharge to the shell. All make the transformer discharge sound.

2.the transformer oil level is too high or too low.

In general, the oil temperature changes can change the oil level. With the change of oil temperature. Oil level also correspondingly appear a certain range of change. However, under abnormal circumstances, due to oil seepage, water seepage and other faults and accidents can also cause abnormal changes in oil level. Second, the change of oil temperature is related to the load condition, ambient temperature and other conditions. When the oil level changes are not consistent with these elements. Then it may be a false oil level. The original circumference of false oil level appears: blockage of oil marker tube; blockage of explosion-proof tube vent. In addition, the oil level is too high will cause oil overflow; oil level is too low. Then it may cause the transformer internal lead wire and even coil exposed. Resulting in internal discharge.



3. the transformer oil quality becomes bad or oil temperature rises suddenly.

In the working state, the main role of transformer oil is cooling and insulation. When a long time overheating operation or shell into the water. Absorb moisture. Will make the oil quality deterioration. Through the oil label observation will find the oil color abnormal deepening or darkening; by sampling and analysis can test the oil contains carbon particles and water. Acid value increases, flash point decreases, insulation strength decreases, etc. This situation is easy to occur in the winding and shell breakdown discharge, causing serious accidents. When the transformer is in normal operation, the oil temperature if the sudden rise is often the cause of internal overheating of the transformer. Iron core on fire, internal screws loose. Cooling device failure. Transformer serious overload may make the oil temperature suddenly rise.

4. the transformer on fire.

When the transformer internal fault, and did not deal with timely. That may catch fire. Resulting in a fire. Transformer fire. Insulation oil burning, into gas, so that the oil tank burst, burning insulating oil to the transformer outside the jet, will cause equipment damage and property damage. Transformer conductor internal or external short circuit. Severe overload, lightning strike or external fire source moving into the transformer may cause the transformer to catch fire.


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