Automatic AC Voltage

Above 20 series voltage stabilizers, widely used for home appliance and industrial...

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High voltage
distribution equipment

Cover all power transmission and distribution products and smart power grids equipments up to 110KV.

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Professional Automatic Voltage Stabilizer And High Voltage Distribution Equipment Manufacturer

Honle specializes in producing power supply as a member of China Power Supply Society. Since being founded, the company holding up brand strategy as the guide, relying on forward understanding about power supply technology, perfect craft and unwearied pursuing to quality, we can show top quality power supply products, and set up fine image in Chinese market and abroad market.

HOUSEHOLD voltage stabilizer

Honle has the modern workshops and advanced production devices, besides the company always introduces technology positively, refoems craft continuously,devotes to researching and developing the stabilized voltage power supply.


Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Stabilize voltage so that various circuits or electrical equipment can operate normally under rated operating voltage and ensure that the output voltage remains constant at all times. Our automatic voltage stabilizer are designed to be incredibly small and easy to install while providing you with comprehensive industrial-grade protection. Maintain the continuous stability of electrical equipment in various usage environments and protect the safety of your circuit environment. Voltage stabilizers are currently widely used in various electronic equipment and household appliances and other fields, and have a wide range of uses.

Servo motor voltage stabilizer

More accurate and efficient to ensure voltage stability, which is suitable for a variety of complex environments.

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Relay type voltage stabilizer

Smaller size and less noise, you can even hang it on the wall, with a good appearance and simple to use.

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Automatic Voltage Regulator

Suitable for various types of loads and very simple to operate. Through precise control of voltage, current, and power, the needs of each facility can be accurately met. Optimize power to safely bridge voltage anomalies of any duration and ensure maximum equipment uptime and motor life. Mitigate voltage sags and surges during the cycle to avoid costly production stops and manufacturing errors caused by voltage sags that impact yield, corrupt data, or interrupt production.

Single phase voltage regulator

The single-phase voltage regulator is an economical power regulator with its small size, low output starting point, wide power frequency adaptation range (can be used for generator power), and beautiful appearance.

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Three Phase Voltage Regulator

The three-phase voltage regulator is an ideal AC voltage regulator. It has the characteristics of low loss, high effici ency and low magnetic leakage, and is widely used in industry, metallurgy, electromechanical manufacturing, scientific experiments and other fields.

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Low Voltage Transformer

It is suitable for AC circuit of 50 ~ 60 Hz, output rated voltage less than 220V , input rated voltage less than 500V,worked as control power supply for mechanical equipment and general electrical appliance and as power supply for work lighting and signal lamp.

JBK3 Machine Control Transformer

JBK3 Industrial Low Voltage Machine Control Transformer

It is suitable for AC circuit of 50/60Hz, output rated voltage less than 220V, input rated voltage less than 500V, worked as control power supply for mechanical equipment and general electrical appliance and as power supply for work lighting and signal lamp.

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High voltage distribution equipment

Relying on rich economic strength, fine production engineering, innovating management mode, with high efficiency and practical spirit, the company sincerely supplies top quality and excellent service for users.


Power Transformer

It has the advantage of preventing condensed flux leakage as well as iron loss. It offers good mechanical strength.

Dry transformer

By using natural air as a cooling medium, dry type transformers are less hazardous and have a lower risk of fire disruption.

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Oil transformer

Oil transformer has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, uniform conduction and recoverable insulation performance of the oil.

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Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear enables pro-active management of the medium-voltage equipment throughout their entire life cycle. It enables easy integration to increase smart functionality, such as power management, real-time diagnostics and remote monitoring.

High voltage switchgear

H.V switchgear only uses key Honle components that are designed in-house: breakers (mechanism, vacuum interrupter bottles), m ain busbars and contacts, earthing switches, etc.

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Low voltage switchgear

This drawer cabinet consists of drawer unit compartme nt, outgoing feeder terminal compartment, horizontal ca ble compartment and hirizontal bus compartment, all co mponents are in drawer unit, max. current is 630A.

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Prefabricated Substation

Prefabricated substation has compact structure, high intelligence, safe and reliable performance, environmental protection and energy saving, low fault rate, beautiful appearance, strong anti-corrosion performance.

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Circuit Breaker

Honle Group manufactures high voltage circuit breakers including indoor circuit breaker and outdoor circuit breaker.

Indoor high voltage circuit breaker

Using vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber, Honle covers various vacuum circuit breaker, includes VS1/ZN63 12KV, 24KV and so on.

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Outdoor high voltage circuit breaker

It can effectively absorb the moisture into the mechanism, prevent the formation of water droplets, and improve the stability and service life of the mechanism.

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