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Stabilize voltage so that various circuits or electrical equipment can operate normally under rated operating voltage and ensure that the output voltage remains constant at all times. Our automatic voltage stabilizer are designed to be incredibly small and easy to install while providing you with comprehensive industrial-grade protection. Maintain the continuous stability of electrical equipment in various usage environments and protect the safety of your circuit environment. Voltage stabilizers are currently widely used in various electronic equipment and household appliances and other fields, and have a wide range of uses.

Honle Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

SVC Series Voltage Stabilizer

SVC Series Servo Voltage Stabilizer

SVC Single-phase high accuracy full automatic AC voltage stabilizer is made of regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and so on.
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TNS Series Voltage Stabilizer

TNS Series Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer

TNS Three-phase high accuracy full automatic AC voltage stabilizer is the combination of high function single phase stabilizer. The incoming power of the p...
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SBW Series Voltage Stabilizer

SBW Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

SBW series voltage stabilizer full auto compensated is designed for stabilizing AC voltage and made with Western Europe advanced technology and on the basi...
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TSD Series Voltage Stabilizer

TSD Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

TSD series intelligent AC voltage stabilizer , which is developed by our company adopts 8 - position CPU.  It has kinds of protections against time-lag, ov...
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TM Series Voltage Stabilizer

TM Series AC Automatic Relay Voltage Stabilizer

TM series intelligent AC voltage stabilizer , which is developed by our company adopts 8 - position CPU.  It has kinds of protections against time-lag, ove...
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UPR Series Voltage Stbilizer

UPR Series Automatic Relay Voltage Stabilizer

UPR Series Ac Voltage Stabilizer AVR is the high precision and intelligent automatic voltage regulator, that is our company self-research and latest newly ...
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ACH Series Voltage Stabilizer

ACH Series Relay Voltage Stabilizer

Overview ACH high-accuracy intelligent AC voltage stabilizer/regulator is a new type of update product which is researched and developed by our R&D. Compar...
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DER Series Voltage Stabilizer

DER Series Relay Voltage Stabilizer for Home

DER SERIES Automatic AC home voltage stabilizer is composed of automatic coupling regulator,sampling control board, executing mechanism.
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PR Series Voltage Stabilizer

PR Series Relay Voltage Stabilizer

PR Series Ac Voltage Stabilizer AVR Relay type voltage stabilizers accomplish voltage regulations by switching the relays to connect one of several tapping...
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Safety & Quality

Up to now, HONLE has modern workshops and advanced production devices. Besides, it always introduces technology positively, reforms craftsmanship continuously and devotes to researching and developing the voltage stabilizer, regulator, power supply, precise pureness power supply products.
Relying on rich economic strength, fine production engineering, innovating management mode, we can meet many kinds of challenges, That is beneficial for establishing reinforced foundation of international enterprise.

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