What type AVR voltage stabilizers do you have?


We have servo motor type and relay type, more specific of them we have catalog you can check all types.

Do you have wall mount type voltage stabilizer AVR?
What about static voltage stabilizer?
Do you have test report of the voltage stabilizer?
In our region, our voltage is very unstable, I checked the catalog of your products and the input voltage range is not suitable for us. Can you solve our problems?
Can you print our logo of the voltage stabilizer?
If I want to know your MOQ of the voltage stabilizer, how can I get any information?
We want to use over temperature protection, can we add this in our voltage stabilizer?
Our country’s normal voltage is 110V but some my clients sales to the region of 220V, do you need two different stabilizers?
We need both of the input and output of the 110V and 220V,and we need European Plug and Socket, can you do that?
Hello! We need the SBW series voltage stabilizer with the individual adjustment for each phase, can you produce that?
Do you have the clearance documents of our country? Angola need CNCA certificate.

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