What is Prefabricated Substation?

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What is prefabricated substation?

Prefabricated substation is an integrated power equipment that combines substation equipment, distribution equipment and control equipment in a closed box to facilitate rapid deployment and installation where power supply is needed.


What are the components of a prefabricated substation?



Transformer is one of the core components of prefabricated substation. It is used to convert high-voltage electrical energy into low-voltage electrical energy for use by users. Depending on the actual situation, transformers with different capacities and rated voltage levels can be selected.


2.High Voltage Switchgear

High voltage switchgear is used to control and protect electrical power systems. They include isolation switches, load switches, circuit breakers, etc., which are used to connect or cut off power and provide functions such as overload protection and short-circuit protection.


3.Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is used to control and distribute electrical energy to different consumers or loads. They include contactors, fuses, motor protectors, etc. to ensure the normal supply and safe operation of electrical energy.


4.Auxiliary equipment

Prefabricated substation also includes various auxiliary equipment, such as power supply systems, control systems, instruments and monitoring equipment. These devices are used to monitor and control the operating status of the power system and provide necessary protection and regulation functions.


What are the advantages of prefabricated substation?


1.Rapid deployment

Prefabricated substation can be produced and tested in factories and then transported and quickly installed on site. This greatly shortens the implementation time of power supply projects and helps meet emergency power supply needs.


2.Space saving

Since prefabricated substation integrates multiple devices into one box, they take up relatively little space. This is very beneficial for some sites with limited space, and also reduces construction and land costs.



Prefabricated substation is usually mobile and can be moved to different locations as needed. This provides flexibility for temporary power supply and emergency power supply.


In general, prefabricated substation is highly integrated power equipment that provide advantages such as rapid deployment, space saving, and mobility. Prefabricated substation play an important role in the field of power supply and are widely used in a variety of different scenarios and application needs.


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