To scale new heights, persistence is key | Honle Group's middle and high-level management personnel attend the Jianfeng Leadership Training

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To enhance the leadership and execution skills of the company's middle and high-level management personnel, and to stimulate the potential and motivation of the management team, from November 25th to 26th, the company arranged for all middle and high-level management personnel to visit the Jianfeng Yuyao base for training, initiating an advanced journey on "charismatic leadership and effective execution."

For this capacity improvement training that the middle and high-level management personnel took time off work to attend, General Manager Feng Junfeng placed great importance on it. Prior to the training, he requested that all participants cherish the opportunity and engage actively; adopt an open mind to receive and learn, and ultimately apply the scientific and effective management methods to their work.

This particular course was organized exclusively for the group, involving topics such as leadership methods, leadership styles, how to be an excellent supervisor, self-management, and the importance of execution. The course started with "group discussions on what constitutes a leadership style," where the instructor used work cases, videos, images, and tools to guide participants into thoughtful reflection, active speech, and as a team, engaging in competitive 'PK' contests. This ensured that every participant was fully engaged and energized.

The two-day semi-militarized management training was rich in content, highly targeted, and closely tied to practical work. The management staff who participated gained a lot and collectively promised to apply the valuable lessons learned over the two days to their actual work once they returned to their positions.

In recent years, facing an external economic downturn, Honle Group has still continued to focus on talent training and continuously broaden the forms of training. On one hand, the training aims to enhance the quality of the employees, and on the other, it boosts the core competitiveness of the company. As the company's chairman, Feng Jingang, put it, this is the "knowledge economy" era, an era of learning, and more importantly, an era of innovation. If businesses want to win the competition now and in the future, talent will always be the "number one resource."


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