What is the preventive maintenance for oil-filled transformer?

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After years of operation, an oil-immersed transformer reaches its end of life. The failure rate of oil-immersed transformers tend to become high after 15 years of operation. Even though the appearance is fairly good, there are possibilities of dangerous conditions.


Regular maintenance is a major part of keeping your oil-immersed transformers in good working condition. Without scheduled upkeep, your transformers will be more likely to experience issues that can snowball into larger operational problems, like system failure. You don’t have to rely on reactive or condition-based maintenance when taking care of your machinery. Staying ahead of any and all equipment concerns lets you address them sooner and enjoy a better outcome.


This guide to oil-filled transformer maintenance can help you avoid the expenses associated with repairs and replacements by teaching you effective ways to inspect your units and create maintenance schedules.




Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance schedules for oil-filled transformers should include oil and temperature checks. Inspect the ambient, winding and oil temperatures to see if they’re within the normal range. The oil level gauge should vary with changes in temperature and, if it’s a magnetic model, it should respond to the presence of a magnet by rotating. If it doesn’t do either of these things, this is a sign that the indicator needs to be replaced.


Analyze the load voltage and current by comparing them against the rated figures. The load settings should fit appropriately with whichever type of transformer you’re using to avoid electrical damage. Keeping your over-current, differential and ground current relays in excellent shape will also prevent electrical failure.


Noise level is often a more relevant performance indicator for dry type transformers. However, if your oil-filled model operates loudly, it’s essential to figure out what might be causing this phenomenon. High noise levels often originate from the transformer core, cooling system or coils.



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