What is the Difference between Copper and Aluminium Transformer?

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What are the two types of transformers?

Transformer according to the winding material can be divided into two kinds.

1. Copper wire winding transformer
2. Aluminum wire winding transformer



What is the difference between copper and aluminium transformer?


1. Performance


Copper wound transformer:
Good electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, high thermal conductivity


Aluminum winding transformer:
Aluminum has high resistivity and poor strength


2. Price


Copper winding transformer: high price
Aluminum winding transformer: low price


3. Features


Copper wound transformer:
Strong short-circuit resistance, that is, the dynamic stability and thermal stability of the transformer are also strong.


Aluminum winding transformer:
Aluminum is relatively active and easily oxidized.


4. Size


Copper wound transformer:
Copper wound transformers are small in size.


Aluminum winding transformer:
Aluminum winding transformers are relatively large in size.



What material should I choose for transformer windings?

To save costs, aluminum winding transformers can be purchased.


Of course, after the life of the transformer is over, the residual value of the aluminum transformer will be lower than that of the copper transformer. If the price of copper fluctuates greatly, the residual value of the copper transformer may be higher than the value at the time of purchase.


In fact, whether the transformer uses copper wire or aluminum wire, the cross-sectional area of the iron core is the same, there will be no change.


There is only some difference in the volume of the transformer, the volume of the aluminum transformer is relatively large, and the volume of the copper transformer is small.


Transformers that are generally used for residential lighting, and even some transformers that contain a type of load, can use power transformers with aluminum wire windings.


The benefits are self-evident. What we pay attention to is the duty cycle coefficient, endurance strength, short circuit resistance, overcurrent capacity, weather resistance index, outlet oxygen index and so on of the winding. 


There is nothing wrong with using aluminum wound transformers for many years, but oil-filled is much more rare, compared to dry-type transformers.


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