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What is a substation?


substation, the place to change the voltage. In order to transfer the electricity generated by the power plant to a far place, the voltage must be raised into high voltage, and then reduce the voltage near the user according to the needs. The work of lifting the voltage is completed by the substation. The main equipment of the substation are switches and transformers.


A substation is a power facility in the power system that changes voltage, receives and distributes electricity, controls the flow direction of power, and adjusts the voltage. It connects the power grid of all levels of voltage through its transformers. Substation in a specific environment; is the AC-DC-AC conversion process. Like undersea transmission cables and in long-distance transmission. Some adopt the form of HVDC transmission and transformation. DC transmission overcomes the tolerance loss of AC transmission. It has an energy-saving effect.


Substation is mainly high voltage substation medium voltage, or high voltage substation low level high voltage, substation covers a large area, covering different areas according to different voltage levels and capacity. So someone will call it a pressure transformer station




How to determine the correct location of a substation installation?


From the perspective of power supply economy, the transformer and distribution station should be close to the load center. From the perspective of production, the transformer and distribution station should not hinder the production and in-plant transportation, and the transportation of the equipment of the transformer and distribution station itself should also be convenient. From the perspective of safety, the transformer and distribution stations should avoid inflammable and explosive places. The transformer and distribution station should be located on the upper wind side of the unit. In enterprises, it is not easy to be located in the places where it is easy to deposit dust and fiber. Substation and distribution stations should not be located in densely populated places. The site selection and construction of the substation and distribution station should also take into account the requirements of fire fighting, corrosion, pollution, waterproof, rain, snow, earthquake and small animals from drilling.


What are the functions of the substation?


 The substation is a transitional device connecting the power plant to the user. Due to the power plant to electricity city and factory distance is very far, and the voltage is not high, the current is large, large current, in the transmission line according to joule law will produce a lot of heat, this will lead to damage transmission lines, and current conversion into heat energy is also a loss, so need to raise the power plant voltage through substation, to 500000 volts, and then long distance to our city and factory, and then through the local substation voltage reduction, through distribution measures into our daily 220 v voltage.


What is a switchgear?


Switcgear refers to the power distribution office that realizes circuit opening and closing with switching equipment without voltage conversion. It is a power facility that supplies high voltage power to several surrounding power units respectively, and is located at the next level of the substation in the power system. It is characterized by the same voltage on the incoming and outgoing side of the power supply. Of course, the regional substation also has the function of opening and closing the transformer station. But it should be clear that the switchgear is different from the substation.


Switchgear also refers to the power supply and distribution facilities used to receive and distribute power, high voltage grid called switch station. Switchgear in the medium voltage power grid are generally used for the acceptance and distribution of 10kV power. Open and close generally two more (commonly used 4~6), but according to different requirements, in and out can be set circuit breaker, load switch. It is an all-metal closed switch cabinet combination and can operate outdoors below 10KV voltage level. The transfer capacity is about 8000KW, providing medium voltage power supply to the transformer and distribution room of the plot or area.



How to determine the correct location for switchgear?


 located in the station, freight yard near, power locomotive depot, hub station and other bulk load places.




What are the functions of the switchgear?


 segment the power supply arm, narrow the accident scope, improve the reliability and flexibility of power supply; reduce the complexity of substation; do not change the voltage size, only expand the number of feeder loop, equivalent to the distribution station.


What is a prefabricated substation?


 box substation, also known as  prefabricated substation  or preinstalled substation. Is a kind of high voltage switch-gear, distribution transformer and low voltage distribution device, according to a certain wiring scheme of factory prefabricated indoor, outdoor compact power distribution equipment, the transformer step-down, low voltage distribution function organically combined together, installed in a moisture-proof, rust proof, dust, rat proof, fire, fireproof, heat insulation, enclosed, movable steel structure box, especially suitable for city network construction and renovation, is the rise after civil substation of a new substation. Generally, high voltage is turned into low voltage, such as 10 kV line transformer into 380v working voltage. Box-type substation is suitable for mines, factories, oil and gas fields and wind power stations. It replaces the original civil engineering power distribution room and power distribution station, and becomes a new complete set of transformer and distribution device.



Box transformer is generally composed of high voltage room, transformer room and low voltage room. Box transformer product is a relatively simple transformer and distribution device, the selection of the transformer part, can be treated according to the general rules, the capacity is generally not more than 1250 kVA. Temporary box transformer: a temporary box transformer, such as a temporary transformer at a construction site, if to be removed in the future, is not permanently reserved for use.


How to determine the correct location for prefabricated substation?


The first, mainly used in the city residential areas, and streets, when the peak of electricity. When we need to increase the voltage, we need to use our equipment- -the box substation.


The second is mainly used for temporary power supply, etc. For example, at the construction site, in the case of existing buildings, we need to transform the electrical equipment. In the field work is often used box substation, such as: construction site, wharf, airport and so on.


What are the functions of the prefabricated substation?


Box-type substation is used for high-rise residences, luxury villas, square parks, residential areas, small and medium-sized factories, mines, oil fields, and temporary construction electricity and other places, for the acceptance and distribution of electricity in the distribution system


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