S11-M Three Phase 33kv to 400V Distribution Power Transformer

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The transformer has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. The transformer can be interchangeable with the same capacity of the ordinary transformer, reducing the user's investment cost. The products are mainly used in power distribution centers of 110 kV, 380 kV and 400 kV systems. The transformer has the following characteristics: (1) high efficiency and energy saving; (2) Low loss and low noise; (3) Long service life and high reliability; (4) Simple and convenient installation, low maintenance cost. Due to the compact structure of the transformer, small footprint, product volume and weight is small. The device can be used in multiple areas. The low voltage windings are directly connected to the high voltage windings, and the low voltage windings are directly connected to the high voltage windings without the need for intermediate transformer oil buffering and separation. Low voltage winding wire has simple structure, low manufacturing cost and small loss. Low transformer oil level, small damage to insulation materials, reduce the replacement of insulation materials, save the investment cost. The transformer also has the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint and so on, especially suitable for installation in a small space. Transformer oil is mainly composed of base oil and transformer oil. Transformer oil does not contain organic solvent, non-corrosive, suitable for dry areas or serious corrosion areas. Transformer oil is a protective agent of insulating materials and a good coolant of insulating materials. During the operation of transformer, transformer oil will absorb or release heat, and control transformer oil temperature through oil pressure. When the oil temperature exceeds 105℃, the oil will change. If the temperature is too high, check whether the cooling system works properly. Good operation of the cooling system can reduce the occurrence of transformer failures and shorten the maintenance and repair time. Note that: (1) Under normal circumstances, the oil level is 20-25 mm lower than the base oil; (2) When the oil temperature is too high, the cooling system and oil level should be properly adjusted; (3) If necessary, check whether the cooler is in normal operation; (4) When the oil temperature rises to 105℃, the oil pressure switch should be opened in time; (5) Check the oil level, pressure and temperature regularly during operation; (6) The replacement cycle of transformer oil should be determined according to climatic conditions and service conditions, and specific analysis.

7. If there are any abnormal conditions or problems found during the operation of the transformer, the operation should be stopped in time and the relevant departments should be contacted for handling. The specific parameters of the equipment are as follows: Model: YBN Capacity: 11 kVA voltage: 11 kVDC voltage: 11 kVA loss Angle tangent value: 0.5° No-load loss: 0.016 kWc short-circuit loss: The 0.064kWc short-circuit loss is the sum of the active power of the primary and secondary sides of a three-phase AC circuit where the phase difference of the passing current is 180°.


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