Good News | Honle Group Wins Bids in Multiple Provinces, with Contract Value Approaching 100 Million Yuan

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     Persistence pays off. After the May Day holiday, the State Grid announced that Hongle Group Co., Ltd. has successfully won bids for projects from Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. The winning bids include fully integrated ring main units and fully integrated pole-mounted circuit breakers, with a project value of approximately 38.74 million yuan.


      In addition, in April, the company also won multiple project bids from Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd., Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Electric Power Co., Ltd. The total value of these six projects across five provinces is nearly 100 million yuan. This achievement means the company has exceeded its second-quarter domestic sales plan ahead of schedule and laid a solid foundation for its annual sales goals.


      Continuously moving forward with determination, winning these multiple projects not only signifies the company's growing influence in the integrated power equipment industry, especially within the State Grid system, but also represents a milestone in enhancing the company's brand image and market reputation. It is a high recognition of the company's comprehensive strength, professional technical capabilities, and high-quality services. Moving forward, the company will use this opportunity to continuously refine its products, enhance its independent innovation capabilities, improve its core competitiveness, and seize new opportunities for high-quality development.


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