2023 / 04 /03

What is the difference between dry type transformers and oil immersed transformers?

Transformers are an essential component of the power grid, converting high voltage, low current electrical energy into low voltage, high current electricity that can be practically used. Two of the most co...

What are the Advantages of Oil-immersed transformer ?
2023 / 03 /29

Why use an oil-immersed transformer?

Oil transformers use mineral oil as the heat dissipation and insulation medium. This is a widely used electrical equipment in the world. Most of the transformers in today's power transmission systems are o...

2023 / 03 /23

What should I do when my computer voltage is unstable?

This problem will damage your computer PC,but also even you replace the new PSU, the old graphic card is also permanently broken, let alone the volt fluctuation of the voltage would interrupt your computer...

2023 / 03 /20

What is the difference between a dry-type transformer and an oil-immersed transformer?

Dry-type transformer vs. oil-filled transformer is the most common debate in the market today. If you, too, are confused about whether to go for dry-type transformers or oil-filled transformers, then read ...

2023 / 03 /17

What salient features should you look for in a Voltage Stabilizer?

Since a Voltage Stabilizer works with electric power, there is always a risk of your Stabilizer getting wet or damaged when placed on the ground or anywhere unsafe. This is why most stabilizers can be wall...

2023 / 03 /14

What is the difference between Relay & Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

AVRs (Automatic Voltage Regulators) or Voltage stabilizers have become something of great importance to every family and business alike to help protect electrical equipment from irregular current coming in...

Working principle of vacuum circuit breaker
2023 / 03 /09

Working principle of vacuum circuit breaker

Compared with other circuit breakers, the working principle of vacuum circuit breaker is different arc extinguishing medium. There is no conductive medium in vacuum, so that the arc is quickly extinguished...

2023 / 03 /06

Classification of high voltage circuit breakers and their role

The types of high-voltage circuit breakers are complex and can be generally classified according to the following methods: The circuit breaker can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type according to...

How does a voltage regulator work and what are its internal components?
2023 / 03 /02

How does a voltage regulator work and what are its internal components?

When we need to know how the voltage stabilizer work, we need to understand what the voltage stabilizer is. Voltage stabilizer is a electrical device which is designed to deliver constant output voltage re...

How to choose the right voltage regulator for your needs?
2023 / 02 /27

How to choose the right voltage regulator for your needs?

Electronic devices known as voltage regulator are responsible for regulating the output voltage of a power source to guarantee that the voltage is stable and falls within a predetermined range at all times...

2023 / 02 /23

Solutions to common failures of low voltage transformers

Low voltage transformer internal abnormal sound may have the following reasons: serious overload transformer internal heavy "humming" sound; due to internal poor contact or breakdown point

2023 / 02 /20

The difference between Relay type voltage stabilizer and non-contact regulators

Although non-contact regulators and Relay type voltage stabilizer are both currently electric up regulators, both belong to the power regulator environment. The way they work is by changing the transformer...

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