XGN-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit
XGN-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

XGN-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit

XGN High Voltage Switchgear is mainly used as reception and distribution of power supply of 3.6, 7.2 and 12KV, 3Phase AC, 50Hz in indoor system.


Mainly Used as Reception and Distribution of Power Supply of 3.6, 7.2 and 12kv, 3phase Ac, 50hz in Indoor System

Specially Applied to Cases Where Frequent Operations are Needed

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Product Introduction



XGN High Voltage Switchgear is mainly used as reception and distribution of power supply of 3.6, 7.2 and 12KV, 3Phase AC, 50Hz in indoor system.

It is specially applied to cases where frequent operations are needed. The main switch applies ZN28A-12 segmental type vacuum breaker with Cd10 electromagnetic operational mechanics, CT8/CT19A (B) spring operational mechanics, ZN28-12 series integral vacuum breaker (with CD17 Electromagnetic Operational mechanics, CT17/CT19 spring operational mechanics) or applies ZN63- 12(VS1) vacuum circuit breaker. Isolation switch applies GN30-10 rotating style and GN22-10 high current isolation switch.





1. Ambient temperature: upper limit +40; lower limit: -25

2. Altitude: no more than 1000m

3. Relative humidity: daily average humidity no more than 95%, and monthly average no more than 90%

4. Steam pressure: daily average pressure no greater than 2.2×10³MPa, monthly average no greater than 90%

5. Seismic intensity: no greater than 8 degree

6. No fire, explosive danger, grave filth, chemical corrosion and drastic vibration on the site.





1.Xgn15-12 type combined sulfur hexafluoride ac metal closed-loop switchgear is a new generation of metal closed switchgear with sulfur hexafluoride switch as the main switch, air insulation, compact structure, expandable.It is characterized by simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlock and convenient installation.It has different applications.According to the requirements of different users to provide satisfactory technical solutions.


2. The adoption of sensor technology and protective relays, coupled with advanced technical performance and portable and flexible assembly solutions, can meet the changing needs of the market.


3. Xgn15-12 unit sulfur hexafluoride ring cabinet is suitable for 50hz, 12kv ac power system, widely used in industrial and    civil cable ring network and power supply terminal engineering.Especially suitable for the following places: special places requiring automatic switching of double power supply, urban residential distribution network, small secondary substation, open and close houses, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subway, wind power, hospitals, stadiums, railways, tunnels, etc.


4.Protection level up to IP2X.





1. This switchgear is case metal-enclosed structure. In accordance with the national standard GB3906 and international standardIEC298, protection degreeIP2X. The metal-enclosed structure effectively prevents short-circuit failure by intruders.


2. When air insulation distance between polar to polar or polar to ground ≤125mm, porcelain support insulators (≥8000N) is applied. All these ensure higher insulation intensity and stability.


3. Breakers, both upper and lower insulation switches, grounding switches and interlock mechanisms between doors all takes force mechanical lock mode to meet the requirement of "five- prevention".



Technical specification


Item Unit XGN15-12(F) / 630-20 XGN15-12(F.R)/T125-31.5
Rated voltage KV 12 12
Rated current A 630 125
Rated frequency Hz 50 50
Rated frequence withstand voltage KV 42/48 42/48
Rated impulse withstand voltage KV 75/85 75/85
Rated mainly acnive load breaking current A 630  
Rated closed-loop distribution circuit current A 630  
Rated short-circuit making current (peak) KA 50 80
Rated peak withstand current KA 50 50
Rated short-time withstand current KA 20 20
Rated duration of short circuit load break switch S 4 4
Rated SF6 gas pressure (20℃ gauge) MPa 0.04 0.04
Loop resistance μΩ <=200 <=400
Mechanical endurance load break switch/earthing switch KA 5000/3000 5000/3000
Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20/50 31.5/50
Rated transfer current A   1750
Degree of protection   IP4X IP4X





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